Letter from I Got Legs Founder Adam Gorlitsky

Dear Beer Milers, 

Welcome to the inaugural Betty Carlton Beer Mile!

My name is Adam Gorlitsky, and when I am standing and walking in my robotic exoskeleton, I do not feel disabled, nor do I feel able-bodied; I feel ReEnabled! My mission is to now bring that ReEnabled feeling to millions of others within the disabled community, but I need your help!  

My journey began nearly 12 years ago on December 30, 2005 while I was driving home late at night to visit my family in Charleston, SC for New Years. I was driving about 30 miles away from their home when I fell asleep at the wheel for 3 to 5 seconds - 3 to 5 seconds that would change my life forever. 

When I woke up, I was careening off the interstate. I overcorrected, spun out, and crashed into several trees. I was thrown into the backseat of the car and suffered a T9 spinal cord injury that instantly paralyzed me from the belly button down for what doctors said would be for the rest of my life.

In August of 2015, after a decade of living with paralysis and trying to make sense of those 3 to 5 seconds that radically changed my life, I was given the opportunity to explore a breakthrough new technology - a ReWalk Robotic Exoskeleton - that would allow me to stand up and walk again. I considered it a miracle - an $85,000 miracle currently not covered by health insurance companies. 

From the first moment I stood up in the exoskeleton, I knew that my life had radically changed again, but this time for the better. I felt empowered - or ReEnabled - with true purpose for the first time since my accident. It was this moment that lead me to challenge myself in becoming the first paralyzed man in history to walk the Cooper River Bridge Run on April 2, 2016. The 6.2 mile race took me nearly 7 hours and exactly 17,932 steps to cross the finish line. It was one of the greatest days of my live so far!

On that day, my organization, I Got Legs was born. It is our goal to bridge the gap between what it means to be disabled vs able-bodied by creating programs that help others within the disabled community experience the same ReEnabled feeling that I have. Thank you for your consideration to sponsor our inaugural Betty Carlton Beer Mile. I hope to see everyone race day December 30, 2017.

I GOT LEGS! Do you?

Thank you,

Adam Gorlitsky
Founder I Got Legs