Betty Carlton Beer Mile





  • How much is the entry fee?
    • Registration fee is $30.00. This includes run, 4 beers of sponsored brand, and an event tee shirt. $35.00 includes all listed above plus a unique victory coin and free entry to the After Party.
  • Can I be a spectator?
    • We do encourage all to join us as a participant or volunteer, but if you must stay on the sidelines for any reason, spectators that double as photographers and marketers are needed also! You are welcomed to watch the beer milers and encouraged to stop at the donation station to be part of the #celebration for a cause. 
  • How do I register for the race?
    • Register at THIS LINK. Registrations are available online only. Registration ends at 10pm on Friday, December 29th, 2017.
  • What is a "Beer Mile"?
    • The foundation of any true beer mile is built upon two things: drinking beer and running a mile. We will follow the most common format of the beer mile requires a single participant to drink a full-sized beer, run a quarter mile, then repeat the process three times. This results in the consumption of four beers and the running (or walking, or wheeling!) of four quarter miles (hence the beer mile). This happens to work out perfectly with the block around our venue at Cool Blow Park. The entire process is timed. Read more here:

  • Do I have to drink beer?
    • No! No drinking is required, but if you decide to, your beers are included in the registration price. Your recorded time will not be an official beer mile time, but we still encourage you to participate!
  • Can I walk?
    • ABSOLUTELY! You are encouraged to register in the I GOT LEGS wave if you plan to walk as we encourage ALL persons of ALL abilities to participate in the mile weather they run, walk, or wheel, and aren't obligated to drink beer. 
  • Do I need a paper ticket?
    • No.
  • What if the weather is bad?
    • Betty Carlton doesn't believe in whining. We are re-enabling athletes who've been through the absolute worst personal storms. The Betty Carlton Beer Mile is a rain or shine event. Should there be inclement weather of flooding, there will be no rain date or rescheduling of the event; no refunds will be given. However, we will make every effort to provide a truly meaningful event despite inclement weather.
  • What kind of beer is provided for the Beer Mile?
    • Samuel Adams and Southern Eagle have each donated two different beers for the event, so we will have a different beer for each lap. Here's the rundown:
      • Lap 1: Budweiser

      • Lap 2: Sam Adams Boston Lager

      • Lap 3: Sam Adams Cold Snap

      • Lap 4: Bud Light Platinum

  • Will there be a bag check?
    • There is no bag check. Please plan accordingly.
  • Have more questions? Feel free to contact us!